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Editing Your Profile Information


You can view and edit your own account details as well as your organization's account details. Your own account details include your password, name, and phone number. Your organization's account details include the website, organization name, address, and company size.

To edit your own profile information:

    1. Log in to the VidyoConnect portal.

      The HOME page appears.

    2. Hover your mouse cursor over MY ACCOUNT.

    3. Click PROFILE from the submenu.

      As an alternative, you can click PROFILE from the submenu to the left of the MY ACCOUNT page if currently accessing that page. You can also click USER MANAGEMENT from the main menu and click  in the row that displays your account information.

    4. Edit any of the following fields as needed:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Job Title (optional)

        You cannot edit the Email Address field. If you would like to add a new email address, you will have to delete this account and then create a new one. For additional information about adding and deleting users, see Adding and Deleting Users.

    5. Click the SAVE button.
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