What's New in this Release

Here's what's new in this release:

  • A video conference no longer automatically starts when an Agent accepts all Workitems. The Workitem must have mediaType=vidyo which indicates it is a Click-to-Vidyo Interaction.
  • An Agent can now join a video conference when invited as an Expert via an IM Interaction.
  • Workspace no longer shows the Vidyo button in the Interaction Controls for all IM Interactions. Instead, it only shows the button when the Agent receives an IM Interaction inviting him/her to join a video conference as an Expert.
  • A custom option, custom.vidyo-button-label, sets the label of the middle Vidyo button of the Interaction Window. The default value is VIDYO.
  • The Vidyo Server configuration that defines communication to ORS can now use either the ORS connection information under the GA Configuration Tab or the option _ors. The ORS connection configuration takes precedence.
  • The Vidyo Server attached User Data limit has been increased from 255 to 4096 characters.


Deployment Package Contents

The deployment package contents include the following:

VidyoServer_1.2.1.0_06302017.zip Yes
WebIntegration_Vidyo_1.1.0.0_09032016.zip No
WorkspacePlug-in_Vidyo_1.2.1.0_06302017.zip Yes
WorkspacePlug-in_Templates_1.1.0.0_09032016.zip No
VidyoApplications_1.1.0.0_09032016.zip No
ORSApp_1.1.1.0_09162016.zip No


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