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Getting the VidyoDesktop Version


Custom Application can retrieve the VidyoDesktop version and compare it with the VidyoDesktop which resides at VidyoPortal appliance in order to make a decision if VidyoDesktop Upgrade requires.

VidyoPortal version information is included into HTTP redirect response from VidyoDesktop to the Custom Application (step 4 of the Sign in procedure)

For example:


HTTP Request:;transport=TCP&un=chetan&pak=9YprUdCg8gPKpr5H&proxy=


HTTP Response:

GET /ws/user/SetEid.php?id=C80AA912A444-0730383237383939-D9DCFE4CB33867D5&version=TAG_VD_2_0_3_00218 HTTP/1.1

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