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Overview of User APIs


This section describes the User APIs aimed at developing third party endpoints or applications targeted for end users providing functionality like search, join meetings rooms, make direct calls, etc. as defined in this section. Implicit in each request are authorization parameters (login and password) identifying the requester if any API method allows anonymous requests (e.g. allowing guests to join a meeting room), then the requester will be assumed to be Guest if the request does not contain credentials.

VidyoPortal User Service URL:


VidyoReplay Content Management Service URL:


These are some of the functionalities available under the User APIs:

Member Account and Preference

  • Get Member account details
  • Update Member Account details

Member Speed Dial Settings

  • Get Member’s Speed Dial list
  • Update Member’s Speed Dial list

Search Operations

  • List Members and status - all or search based on matching prefixes.
    If all is specified, the result set will be limited to a fixed maximum item and further queries are required to fetch rest of the items.
  • List Rooms and status - all or search based on matching prefixes

Meeting Room and Direct Call

  • Member LogIn so that the other Members will be able to Invite, Place Direct Call to this Member.
  • Member LogOut so that this member is not available anymore.
  • Place a Direct Call to other Member
  • Join a Meeting Room
  • Invite another Member to a Meeting Room

Room Settings and Control

  • Generate a meeting room URI. Members and Guest users can follow this Uri link to join the meeting room.
  • Delete the meeting room URI
  • Lock meeting room for restricting access to a meeting
  • Unlock meeting room for allowing access to a meeting
  • List participants in a given meeting
  • Disconnect participant from a given meeting. Deleting a room automatically disconnects the meeting room participants.
  • Mute / Unmute audio for a given participant in a meeting
  • Start / Stop Video for a given participant in a meeting
  • Create or update PIN for a room

Record Control

  • Start Recording
  • Stop Recording
  • Resume Recording
  • Pause Recording
  • Get Recording Profiles

Content Management

  • Search Recorded File
  • Update Recorded File
  • Delete Recorded file


  • Create Webcast URL
  • Remove Webcast URL
  • Get Webcast URL
  • Remove Webcast Pin
  • Get Recording Profiles
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