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Vidyo Endpoints



VidyoRoom – The VidyoRoom system is a hardware appliance endpoint which uses Vidyo’s SVC technology. It can deliver HD Quality at 60 frames per second. Designed specifically for use over converged IP networks, the VidyoRoom can decode and display multiple HD participants at video quality unequaled by systems that require dedicated bandwidth to perform at their best.

The VidyoRoom system is simple to use, easy to configure and voice-activated with continuous presence. Flexible conference control options make it simple to manage, using either the VidyoPortal or a remote control device. And because video conferencing should be a natural extension of the way people normally work, the VidyoRoom interoperates seamlessly with VidyoDesktop clients, making it possible for people to join a conference from their home office or wherever they happen to be.

VidyoDesktop – VidyoDesktop is a software client that’s easy to use and manage via the VidyoPortal, and it can send and receive in HD. All users are assigned a password-protected personal space, thus making it possible for meetings to be held anytime—whether impromptu or by prior arrangement. It supports standard USB webcams and runs on Macs and PCs, providing an unparalleled personalized multipoint collaborative experience.

VidyoMobile – A program that allows users of smart phones and tablets to participate in point-to-point calls and VidyoConferences. There are versions for both Android and Apple iOS devices and copies are available from the platforms’ respective stores (the Google Play™ store and the AppStore™).

VidyoGateway – The VidyoGateway allows the VidyoConferencing infrastructure to connect to traditional H.323 and SIP devices. It supports standards, such as H.239 for data collaboration, that are required for those devices to communicate, regardless of whether they are endpoints, MCUs, gatekeepers or gateways. For example, the VidyoGateway can be integrated with SIP PBX. It seamlessly integrates into the network providing the end user with an easy experience regardless of whether they’re calling a Vidyo device or traditional H.323/SIP device.  

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