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Overview of Admin APIs


This section describes the Admin interface. Implicit in each request are authorization parameters (login and password) identifying the requester These APIs can be used towards developing “admin” tools. Only members with the role defined as “Admin” are able to use these APIs.

VidyoPortal Admin Service URL:


VidyoReplay Content Management Service URL:


These are some of the functionalities available under admin APIs:

Member Account Management

  • Create a new Member
  • Delete a Member
  • Update a Member
  • List Member’s details—all or search based on matching prefixes

Meeting Room Management

  • Create a Room
  • Delete a Room
  • Update a Room
  • List Rooms—all or search based on matching prefixes

Group Management

  • Create a Group
  • Delete a Group
  • Update a Group
  • List Groups – all or search based on matching prefixes

The functionality available under the Admin > Settings tab like Shutdown, Restart, Upgrade Software, Changing IP address, adding Gateways, etc. are not exposed via web services APIs.

Record Control

  • Start Recording
  • Stop Recording
  • Resume Recording
  • Pause Recording
  • Get Recording Profiles

Content Management

  • Search Recorded File
  • Update Recorded File
  • Delete Recorded file


  • Create Webcast URL
  • Remove Webcast URL
  • Get Webcast URL
  • Remove Webcast Pin
  • Get Recording Profiles
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