The following table lists the known issues in VidyoPortal™ and VidyoRouter™ version 3.4.5:

VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter Version 3.4.5 - Known Issues
Key Summary
VPTL-6938 On the Settings > Maintenance > Database page in the Super Admin portal, when the Factory Defaults button is pressed, the database is restored to the factory defaults but an erroneous “Failure” error message appears.
VPTL-6900 The Cancel button does not work on the Admin portal CDR Access page.
VPTL-6874 When a legacy member is created using the addMember API, the UI swaps the member name for the display name.
VPTL-6867 The LeaveConference API fails when disconnecting a legacy participant from schedule room conference that has a PIN.
VPTL-6838 In calls with Vidyo Neo™ for Desktop, when the Disconnect All button is pressed, the call is disconnected but an erroneous “Failed to disconnect all” error message appears.
VPTL-6818 If an invalid External CDN URL is entered on the Endpoint Software Versions page and the user clicks the Save button, the URL is not saved; however, the system does not display an error message indicating that the URL is invalid and cannot be saved.
VPTL-6810 The Tenant URL may allow some FQDN formats that are not allowed in the log aggregation (for example, an FQDN with two hyphens is allowed as the Tenant URL but not in the log aggregation).
VPTL-6790 When the Thai language is selected as the system language, some messages continue to appear in English.

Performing a factory default deletes the FQDN from the VidyoManager. 

Workaround: Restore the FQDN by going through the network interface configuration in the System Console.
VPTL-6143 After starting a "Force Standby" action, the Force Standby button should be inactive, but is still active.
VPTL-6138 When manually provisioning a user, email addresses with long suffixes are not accepted.
VPTL-6032 When the management interface on the VidyoGateway™ is on an alternate port (e.g., 8443), there is an extra "/" character inserted before the port number in the hyperlink on the VidyoPortal Component page.
VPTL-5392 When SSL is enabled, the erroneous message “Super Security SSL Settings have been reset…” is displayed rather than the correct “Restart is pending…” message when a reboot is cancelled after applying a client CA certificate.
VPTL-5367 Importing an SSL private key fails when the password contains non-English characters.
VPTL-5366 When SSL is enabled, the user is not prompted to reboot the server after regenerating a self-signed certificate.

In some cases, if a user enters the wrong credentials and fails to log in to an LDAP-authenticated account, the correct error message “Your Account has been locked out. Please contact your Administrator” is displayed after the user exceeds the number of permissible failed login attempts. However, if the user then enters the correct credentials, that user is allowed to log in. 

Workaround: Restart the web server.
VPTL-4145 When all seat licenses are in use, Executive, VidyoPanorama, and Legacy users are not allowed be imported from csv and the error message “Seat license exceeded: Stopping import of users at line x…” appears.


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