The following table lists the resolved issues in VidyoPortal™ and VidyoRouter™ version 3.4.5:

VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter Version 3.4.5 - Resolved Issues
Key Summary
VPTL-6841 Webcasts now work with scheduled meetings that have a PIN.
VPTL-6752 A race condition between Vidyo endpoints and legacy endpoints joining the same Vidyo meeting that caused some legacy endpoints to be dropped from the meeting has now been resolved.
VPTL-6652 An issue that caused client installation information to be duplicated in the database has been resolved.
VPTL-6598 LDAP now works as expected after the VidyoPortal is upgraded from version 3.4.3 to version 3.4.4.
VPTL-6562 The Super Service API GetTenantDetails now correctly returns the tenant details when the tenant has a VidyoReplay™ configured.
VPTL-6405 Private Keys can now be uploaded without entering a password.
VPTL-6374 In a single-tenant SAML configuration, the watchdog process now works correctly. 
VPTL-6363 LDAP attribute mapping now allows the addition of multiple user type groups even when the LDAP Attribute Value string is longer than 40 characters. 
VPTL-6328 Room display name discrepancies in the User Service API have been fixed. 
VPTL-6323 Caching issues that occurred during a database restore are resolved. 
VPTL-6310 Branding files (which have a .logo extension) can now be downloaded from a version 3.4.5 VidyoPortal. 
VPTL-6305 All enabling and disabling Vidyo Neo™ for WebRTC operations are now getting captured in the Audit logs. 
VPTL-6198 When restoring a database after a factory default, the settings in the default tenant no longer need to be manually reconfigured on the Super > Tenant Settings page. 
VPTL-5562 The certification expiration email now shows the number of days before expiry. 
VPTL-646 Timing issues in VidyoProxy have been fixed. 


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