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VidyoRoom 3.x - VidyoRoom SE does not auto update automatically

Problem: VidyoRoom SE does not auto update automatically.
Reason: Sometimes web proxies may restrict the file types that are allowed to be downloaded. When running under windows (out of Vidyoroom SE) the user can download executable file. But as Vidyoroom SE, a different user is set for the proxy in the setting and this user can't download an executable file.
The upgrade is failing on a 408 timeout error.  

Resolution: Confirm that the web proxy at proxy.intra.customer_name:8080 will allow an .EXE file to download. 
How to test: Test downloading the file outside of VidyoRoomSE on the same machine by going directly to the download URL (example link below).
  • Logs showing Proxy in use:
12-30 13:22:24.084 INFO  App           Sign-in provided VidyoProxy address vrt01.vidyorouter_url:443 
12-30 13:22:24.089 INFO  App          VidyoManager connection path reset                   12-30 13:22:24.089 INFO  App          Starting AppWpadAutoDiscoverWebProxyForUrl for: vrt01.vidyorouter_url
12-30 13:22:24.107 INFO  App          Web-proxy proxy.intra.customer_name:8080 for dest vrt01.vidyorouter_url is cached
  • Time out error:
12-30 13:22:24.988 ERROR AppVcsoapClient File Download request failed with result code 408
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