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Uploading Certificates to the VidyoRoom System


At times it may be necessary to upload SSL certificates directly to a VidyoRoom system. 

This is typically required when communicating with a VidyoPortal or Exchange server that has certificates that are not signed by one of the major certificate authorities.

The following procedure (using Firefox) demonstrates the steps for downloading the unknown CA cert and then adding it to the default bundle in order to upload it to the VidyoRoom system. 


  1. Download the VidyoDesktop default bundle file below (or copy manually from C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Vidyo\Data\ca-certificates.crt)
  2. Go to the https:// address of the VidyoPortal (or Exchange server)
  3. Click on Security icon next to address and then > icon



Click More information

Click View Certificate

Highlight the root certificate file (at top of list) click Export and Save to your computer

4. Open ca-certificates.crt with Notepad (with Word wrap turned OFF)

5. Open the root certificate with Notepad

6. Copy and paste the block of text from the root certificate to the end of ca-certificates.crt and Save As a new file "newbundle.crt"

7. Upload the new bundle to the room system’s WebGUI under the Firmware tab under Upload Certificate by clicking Browse and opening the "newbundle.crt" file that was created.

8. Reboot.






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