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VidyoRoom 3.x - What is the VidyoRoom system Image and Version?


When upgrading a VidyoRoom please note to install the Image file first.  Once the image file is installed what ever version of client is in the endpoint software section of VidyoPortal will automatically download (If auto update is enabled in VidyoRoom system as recommended and configured by default).   

  • Image: Firmware for room system, file extension is *.vimage.  File is usually uploaded directly into room system via the Firmware tab.  Multiple images can be uploaded but only one can be active at any given point.  
  • Version: Vidyo client software, file extension is *.exe.  File is usually uploaded to the VidyoPortal's endpoint software section.  Remember to have the version you would like to have the VidyoRoom auto update in the VidyoPortal's endpoint software.  
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