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Generating Root and Intermediate Certificates from Domain Certificate


This will be used in the event either the wrong root and/or intermediate certificates have been provided or the root and intermediate certificates were never provided.


(Note: These steps are for Windows based computers)


  1. Open the domain certificate.
  2. Click on Certification Path.
  3. Select the intermediate certificate in the list (may be more than one listed and will need to export one at a time).
  4. Click on View Certificate.




  1. Once the intermediate certificate window opens up, click on the Details tab and select Copy to File…



  1. Click Next.
  2. Set the bullet next to “Base -64 encoded X.509 (.CER)” then click Next.



  1. Click Browse, locate folder to save, click Save, then click on Next.



  1. Click Finish on the last screen to create the new intermediate certificate.



Repeat the same steps for the root certificate and any other intermediate certificates left to export.

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