The following table lists the resolved issues in VidyoDesktop™ version 3.6.13 (0019):

VidyoDesktop Version 3.6.13 - Resolved Issues
Key Summary
VD-10345 When accessing VidyoRouter version 3.5.1 and later, VidyoDesktop now properly allows room owners to moderate device settings for users via the Control Meeting page (e.g. mute microphone, mute camera, etc.).
VD-10342 Search operations work as intended when subsequent searches are performed.
VD-10321 VidyoDesktop no longer crashes when users who do not have any favorites bookmarked attempt to log back into the application.
VD-10318 When launching VidyoDesktop using the Web Services APIs to log in and join a conference as a user, the Control Meeting icon now displays on the in-call screen.
VD-10264 When attempting to launch VidyoDesktop, the application no longer crashes for users who are using macOS Sierra 10.12.
VD-10251 VidyoDesktop no longer crashes when Mac users attempt to share content during a conference.
VD-10228 A series of unnecessary soap calls are no longer produced when clicking any of the control meeting buttons.
VD-10200 Danish grammatical and spelling errors have been fixed in VidyoDesktop.
VD-9917 The correct Finnish translations now display in VidyoDesktop.
VD-8438 When the primary OS language on a Mac is set to Japanese and the user tries to upgrade VidyoDesktop from the upgrade pop-up that appears when connecting to a VidyoPortal that has a different version running, VidyoDesktop no longer fails to upgrade.


The following table lists the known issue in VidyoDesktop version 3.6.13 (0019):

VidyoDesktop Version 3.6.13 - Known Issue
Key Summary
VD-10272 After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the FECC Plug-in for VidyoDesktop no longer works as expected. Therefore, users are not able to use the camera control icons to control the far-end camera.


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