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VidyoConnect - Disabling the Vidyo Protocol Handler Pop-Up When Using Chrome


When Chrome™ is used with VidyoConnect™, a Vidyo Protocol Handler pop-up warning may appear. Users can disable this popup for future invocations by selecting the Always open links for VidyoConnect checkbox within the pop-up. 

If you are an IT administrator and you want to prevent your users from seeing this popup, you can disable it by white-listing it. To white-list the popup, you must modify a Chrome file in the user's local application directory for the platform. For mass deployment, you must have the ability to remotely modify files that are on the local user's machine.

To disable the Vidyo Protocol Handler pop-up when using Chrome with VidyoConnect:

  1. Quit Chrome.

  2. Modify the Google Chrome file called "Local State".
    "Local State" is a JSON object, and the file is located here:
    • Windows "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Local State"
    • Mac "~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Local State"

  3. To the array of excluded schemes, add an entry for "vidyo" with a value of false to the excluded_schemes property of the protocol_handler object.

    For example: * "protocol_handler":{"excluded_schemes" add "vidyo":false 

You must modify the file while the browser is not running. If the browser is running while the modifications are made, the changes will be ignored and overwritten on exit. 



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