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VidyoPortal - Diagnostics Log Explanation


Date Diagnostics was taken

Node Type
Shows server type and server version

Machine Type
Shows whether server is virtual or hardware

Shows the FQDN of the server

Shows the IP address and subnet mask of the server

DNS Server Report
Test DNS Servers that are set

Tenant Report
Test the resolution of every tenant against both DNS servers
Also checks if LDAP URL is configured

Status Notification Report
Only shows if you have API enabled on VidyoPortal license
Gives information about the status notification that is configured.

EMCP Report
Tests VidyoPortal EMCP connection on TCP port 17992

SCIP Report
Test SCIP connection on TCP port 17990 from VidyoPortal to VidyoRouter

SMTP Configuration Report
SMTP Server: SMTP configured to default value HOST=localhost

Vidyo Portal Ports
Provides ports that server is listening on, specifically:

  • Apache2 web server
  • App Server/Tomcat
  • VidyoManager EMCP Port (listen)]
  • VidyoManager RMCP Port (listen)]
  • VidyoManager RMCP Port (established)
  • VidyoProxy Port (listen)]
  • VidyoRouter SCIP Port (listen)

VidyoPortal License Tokens
Whether the license token matches between internal components VidyoPortal and VidyoManager

Ethernet Hardware Report
Shows if virtual machine
Shows ethernet settings including speed, MTU size, and deplex; MTU = 1500

Certificate Check
If HTTPS is enabled on the server, checks if the domain certificate on the server is valid

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