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Advanced Debugging Tips


Connect to the Vidyo Server directly

You can form the URL manually using the following as a guide:

https://[FQDN of Session Manager]/webrtc/conf.htm?portal=[FQDN of VidyoPortal]

The following screenshot shows the Welcome screen:


Using the browsers tools for troubleshooting

On Chrome:

Open a new tab and enter: chrome://webrtc-internals to see details of ICE negotiation and real-time media statistics for all media streams.

On Firefox:

Open a new tab and enter “about:webrtc” to see ICE negotiation details and use Debug Mode to capture advanced logs for audio and video debugging.

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    Simone Tadiello

    I tried on my webrtc server but the screen shows this message:

    Invalid Request - /webrtc/conf.htm

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