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VidyoConnect for WebRTC Server Capacity Guidelines


The VidyoConnect for WebRTC Server is a Virtual Machine that can be deployed on a variety of hardware. It is important to use Resource Reservation within VMWare to ensure that adequate memory and CPU are available to handle the planned call load.

The recommended maximum resolution is 540p or 480p. Many laptops are not capable of encoding above VGA resolution (640x480), causing them to fall back to VGA even if higher resolutions are configured. 1080p should only be used in circumstances where the endpoint hardware is known to be powerful enough. Resolutions below 360p should only be used if the video will only be viewed in a small tile.

When starting up, the Media Server detects the CPU reservation configured in VMWare and tells the Session Managers. The Session Managers will determine the maximum number of calls that that Media Server can handle based on the Maximum Resolution configured on their Configurations page.

The Session Manager uses the following table to determine the number of calls a Media Server can handle.

Max Resolution Setting Media Server GHz per Call
360p (and below) 2.8
480p 3
540p 3.5
720p 4.5
1080p 10


Once the Session Manager has determined the capacity of a Media Server it will route calls to the Media Server until the Remaining Sessions reaches 0.

The Remaining Sessions for all Media Servers in the cluster can be seen in the Session Manager’s Media Servers page.

Guests on the pre-call screen and Users on the log-in screen or logged in and not in a call still consume sessions.

The following table provides an example of the capacity for a Virtual Edition with the default configuration:

VidyoConnect for WebRTC Server Version 4.0 Media Server Capacity VM Configuration Resource Reservation
  RAM [GB] Storage [GB] CPU [GHz] RAM [GB]
1 1080p / 4 720p / 5 540p / 6 480p / 9 360p 8 50 18 8


You should configure the Virtual Machine with the fewest number of vCPU required to support the desired resource reservation.

On higher capacity servers (such as the Dell R430 with dual Intel E5-2690v3 CPUs) you could run multiple Virtual Editions as configured above or configure a higher CPU reservation to run one larger capacity Virtual Edition.

In addition to CPU, the Media Server virtual machine must be configured with sufficient memory. Allocate 8GB of RAM for every 12 calls.

Use the following table to plan the bandwidth required for a Media Server per call at different Max Resolution settings for the best quality. If less bandwidth is available, the stream will adapt by lowering the frame rate, resolution, and quality.


Resolution From Browser (kbps) To Browser (kbps) From VidyoRouter* (kbps) To VidyoRouter* (kbps)
360p 512 1536 3072 512
480p 768 1536 3072 1024
540p 1024 1536 3072 1300
720p 1536 1536 3072 2048
1080p 4096 1536 3072 4608


Bandwidths provided are for planning purposes. The actual bandwidth used on a call will vary depending on a number of factors including the number of participants and encoding capabilities of the participants.

For each Session Manager resource reservation plan 8Ghz and 8GB for 300 calls.

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