Changes made to an SSL Private Key require a CSR and SSL Server Certificate. This includes uploading existing keys, editing existing keys, and regenerating new keys.


To edit a server certificate:

  1. Log in to the Admin UI using your System Console account.

    For more information, see Logging in to the Admin Portal.

  2. Navigate to MAINTENANCE > SECURITY.

  3. Click the Server Cert subtab.

    When you click on the Server Cert subtab the Server Certificate Chain will be validated against the Trusted CA Certificates (as configured in the Advanced subtab). A message will indicate whether this server certificate would be accepted, warned, or rejected by web browsers.


  4. Click Edit.

    The Server Certificate pop-up displays.


  5. Modify certificate data in the scrollable text region on the pop-up as desired.

  6. Click Save.

    If the edit completes, a system notification displays indicating the change was successful.
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