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Question: I do not see the specific topic that I need addressed on the topic selection screen. What should I do?

Answer: The topic selection screen allows us to route you to the appropriate team within our organization. If you do not see the topic listed, we may not have a team available that can speak with you over video chat at this time. Please connect with us via our call center phone number or web chat line.

Question: I’m not sure I am comfortable accepting the terms of service for video chat. Can I still continue?

Answer: We want to be sure that all parties involved in the video chat understand our service offering. As a result, we require you to read and accept the terms of service to be able to access the video chat.

Question: I see that my video chat will be recorded. What will be done with these recordings?

Answer: In order to ensure quality control, just like our audio and web chat, we record our video chats as well.

Question: I see that there are videos to watch while I am waiting—do I need to watch these videos to fully prepare for my video chat?

Answer: These videos are here to give you additional information while you wait for your agent. However, we will do our best to ensure that you do not have to wait long. Lastly, please note that viewing the videos are completely optional!

Question: I initiated a video chat but now I do not have time. How do I remove myself from the queue?

Answer: You can click or tap the disconnect button depending on the device that you are using at any time from the waiting room. This will remove you from the queue and close the video chat window.

Question: I completed my video chat and I see a survey request. Do I have to fill this out?

Answer: Absolutely not, but we do truly value your feedback and would appreciate your effort in completing the survey. However, you can simply exit the application at the conclusion of the video chat if you do not want to complete the survey.

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