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Headsets and Other Audio Peripherals


While Vidyo customers successfully use a wide variety of third-party peripherals, those listed here have been tested by Vidyo and classified as Recommended or Supported.


Manufacturer Model Compatible
Vidyo Products
Aliph Jawbone Era Shadowbox Mobile (Bluetooth)
BlueAnt Q2 Smart Mobile (Bluetooth)
Jabra Easycall Mobile (Bluetooth)
Motorola CommandOne Mobile (Bluetooth)
Plantronics Discovery 975 Mobile (Bluetooth)
Plantronics Voyager Pro Mobile (Bluetooth)
Aliph Jawbone Era Mobile (Bluetooth)
Jawbone Icon HD + Nerd Mobile (Bluetooth)
LG HBM 900 Mobile (Bluetooth)
Motorola Roadster 2 Mobile (Bluetooth)
Plantronics Backbeat Go Mobile (Bluetooth)
Samsung HM1000 Mobile (Bluetooth)
Samsung Modus 3500 Mobile (Bluetooth)


  • RECOMMENDED: The device has been tested and has provided a better than acceptable experience. For example, a speakerphone with superior echo cancellation is considered better than acceptable.
  • SUPPORTED: The device has been tested and has provided an acceptable experience. For example, a webcam with 15 fps and above is considered acceptable.
  • DEPRECATED: The device was previously listed as “Recommended” or “Supported” but has been scheduled for discontinued support in the future and should not be used for new installations.
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