• In developing system Real-Time Clock predictions, VIDYO uses data provided by suppliers.
  • Apart from using industry standard prediction methodologies, suppliers may derive Real-Time Clock data from reliability demonstration testing, life testing, actual field failure rate, or specification and datasheets.
  • Supplier data is provided as is to VIDYO, and VIDYO generally does not verify the accuracy of Supplier data.

Real-Time Clock Data

The information below applies to HD-40A, HD-40B, HD-40C, and HD-100 products.

A coin-cell battery (CR2032) powers the real-time clock and CMOS memory. When the kit is not plugged into a wall socket, the battery has an estimated life of three years. When the kit is plugged in, the standby current from the power supply extends the life of the battery. The clock is accurate to ± 13 minutes/year at 25 ˚C with 3.3 VSB applied via the power supply 5 V STBY rail.

If the battery and AC power fail, date and time values will be reset and the user will be notified during POST. When the voltage drops below a certain level, the BIOS Setup program settings stored in CMOS RAM (for example, the date and time) might not be accurate.

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