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VidyoRoom 3.x - VidyoPanorama 600 Troubleshooting

Problem Resolution
Unable to determine the display ID

When the VidyoPanorama 600 server is placed on the rack in the standard position, the display IDs for the six ports are 1 through 6 from left to right on the back of the VidyoPanorama 600 server.

To identify the display IDs on-screen, click Identify on the Admin UI Display Layout tab.
Display doesn’t come out of standby mode

Check for a loose cable connection to the display.

In addition, check the Power setting option on the display. The Power setting should ensure that the display will go into standby/sleep mode based on the inactivity timer, but it should prevent the power from going off completely.

“Disconnecting UEFI drives. Please wait…” message appears during system initialization

Wait for one minute and then power cycle the VidyoPanorama 600 again. It should recover on the next restart.

Self-view freezes when connecting the VISCA cable / Unable to control the camera remotely

The USB VISCA cable is not supported. Use the serial port VISCA cable instead.

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