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Viewing the About Information


The About tab provides information about the system VidyoRoom or VidyoPanorama 600. The information displayed on the screen varies depending on the model.


To view the About information:

  1. Select the About tab.

  2. View the following information:

    • For all VidyoRoom models except HD-230 systems:

      • Version
      • Model Number
      • Image Revision

    • For VidyoPanorama 600 and VidyoRoom HD-230 systems:

      • Version
      • Model Number
      • Image Revision
      • Dextera PCI FPGA
      • Dextera PCI Driver
      • Dextera PCI EDID


When the Phoenix Quattro, Spider, or Power Hub devices and certain cameras (such as the Sony SRG or Minrray UV950A) are connected, the firmware version displays on the About tab as well.

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