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WebRTC 3.x - How to force VidyoWebRTC to use VidyoProxy


If you happen to have unknown issues with VidyoWebRTC and would like to know if it's Firewall related.  You can force VidyoProxy on a WebRTC link. 


Do the following:  

  • Take your VidyoWebRTC invite link and modify it.
  • Below are two sample links. 
  • Original link:

  • Modified link:

  • The modification was made in this section of the link: &proxy=1&
  • The image below will appear after you click on the initial Join.  
  • You'll get the 'Your connection requires more details to proceed.' pop up.  
  • Make sure to select in the VidyoProxy, Always use VidyoProxy, then click Join.  


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