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WebRTC 3.x - How to force VidyoWebRTC to use VidyoProxy


If you happen to have unknown issues with VidyoWebRTC and would like to know if it's Firewall related.  You can force VidyoProxy on a WebRTC link. 


Do the following:  

  • Take your VidyoWebRTC invite link and modify it.
  • Below are two sample links. 
  • Original link:

  • Modified link:

  • The modification was made in this section of the link: &proxy=1&
  • The image below will appear after you click on the initial Join.  
  • You'll get the 'Your connection requires more details to proceed.' pop up.  
  • Make sure to select in the VidyoProxy, Always use VidyoProxy, then click Join.  


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  • Avatar
    Phillip Curtis

    What are the details here? I assume the web request for the page hits the WebRTC server first then the proxy is applied from the server? How is this link generated? A meeting request from Neo looks similar to this:

  • Avatar
    Hairo Perez

    This step is done after the user confirms he/she will be joining the call through the browser instead of the installed VidyoClient.


    This will be different with Neo as it will direct the user over VidyoProxy since this is now mandatory to be used for Neo WebRTC.


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