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Configuring the Reboot Maintenance Schedule


This Maintenance section enables you to schedule your reboots on a monthly or weekly basis or by the number of days since the last reboot.

To configure the reboot maintenance schedule:

  1. Click the Logs tab.


  2. Click the blue triangle next to the words Maintenance to view the maintenance settings if needed.

  3. Select the Enable Reset Maintenance checkbox to set a recurring reboot schedule:

    • Select the Monthly radio button and select a number to set your system to reboot after that number of months have elapsed.

    • Select the Weekly radio button and select a day to set your system to reboot on that day each week.

    • Select the Days since last system reboot radio button and select a number to set your system to reboot after that number of days has elapsed.

      If Write Protection Mode is enabled in the Firmware > Update section, the number of days since last system reboot cannot be set to more than seven days.

  4. Select the hour and minute at which you want the system to reboot from the Time drop-down.

To prevent the system from rebooting while your users are using it, the reboot only occurs if the system has been idle for at least 10 minutes. If 24 hours pass from the time the reboot was scheduled to occur and the system is not idle for at least 10 minutes during that 24-hour period, the reboot is skipped.

For example, if a reboot is scheduled for every Tuesday at 1 AM, but the VidyoRoom is in a call on Tuesday at 1 AM, the reboot does not occur. The system would then wait for the VidyoRoom to be idle for 10 minutes so that it could reboot. However, in this case, the VidyoRoom continues to have users joining and leaving calls every 5 or so minutes until Wednesday at 1 AM. At that time, the reboot window would pass, and the VidyoRoom would not attempt to reboot until the following Tuesday at 1 AM (that is, six days later).

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