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Guidelines for Retrieving VidyoRoom Logs


Adhere to the following guidelines when retrieving VidyoRoom logs for debugging purposes while the Splunk forwarder and Write Protection Mode are enabled.

You must configure unique hostnames for each VidyoRoom system that will be forwarding logs to the Splunk forwarder server. Each VidyoRoom system should be grouped with a defined and unique index (e.g. building unit). Please use index “A” to share log files throughout various VidyoRoom systems.

When Vidyo requests VidyoRoom logs from you, do the following:

  1. Run a query similar to the following: “index=testforwarder host= 690final1 | stats count by source”.

    The output will look similar to the output displaying in the screenshot shown here.


  2. Click on the appropriate log file.

    As an alternative, you can run a query similar to the following to gain access to the appropriate log file: “index=testforwarder host= 690final1 source="C:\\Users\\vidyo\\Documents\\Vidyo Desktop\\VidyoRoom.log.1|reverse”.

  3. Export the log file as as a raw event.
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