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Running the File System Check


The Run File System Check option only displays in the Recovery Console Main Menu when using VidyoRoom HD-100 Rev 4A to run VidyoRoom version 3.3.19 and later.

The File System Check is used to fix common errors in the Windows file system that are often caused by an unexpected shutdown (e.g. power outage). Additionally, Windows will occasionally fail to load due to file system inconsistencies, so this check can also be used to fix these errors.

In some circumstances, the File System Check can be used to fix a VidyoRoom system that won’t boot properly. If the File System Check does not successfully fix the system, use the Factory Restore option. For more information, see Performing a Factory Restore.

To run the file system check:

  1. Enter 8 to select the Run File System Check option.

  2. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to select OK.


    The File System Check window displays.

  3. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to select Yes confirming that you would like to run a file system check.


    The system performs a file check on the next window. After the file check is completed, a message displays as follows:


  4. Press the Enter key to select OK.

  5. Perform a reboot if the file system errors were fixed, or perform a factory restore if the errors could not be fixed.

    For more information about performing a factory restore, see Performing a Factory Restore.
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