Here's what's new in this release:

  • Resolved Issues
    • This release fixes a number of issues to enhance the reliability and usability of VidyoDesktop. Some of the issues that we’ve resolved include:

      • When accessing VidyoRouter 3.5.1 and later, VidyoDesktop now properly allows room owners to moderate device settings for users via the Control Meeting page (e.g. mute microphone, mute camera, etc.).

      • Search operations work as intended when subsequent searches are performed.

      • When attempting to launch VidyoDesktop, the application no longer crashes for users who are using macOS Sierra 10.12.

      • A series of unnecessary soap calls are no longer produced when clicking any of the control meeting buttons.

      • When launching VidyoDesktop using the Web Services APIs to log in and join a conference as a user, the Control Meeting icon now displays on the in-call screen.


For additional information, see Resolved and known issues in VidyoDesktop for Windows and Mac Anchor version 3.6.13.

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