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Using Write Protection Mode


When Write Protection Mode is enabled, all configuration changes and new logs are kept in a cache. Logs are automatically saved to the hard drive at 2:00AM daily, or upon restarting the VidyoRoom system. If your VidyoRoom system loses power prior to the next commit, all logs that have not been saved will be lost. Additionally, configuration files will not be saved and the system will restart with the previously saved configuration before Write Protection Mode was enabled.

For more information about restarting the VidyoRoom system, see Shutting Down.

If the VidyoRoom system attempts to download a new Installer from the VidyoPortal but there is not enough room in the write cache (93 MB for 32-bit systems and 154 MB for 64-bit systems), the VidyoRoom will not download the Installer. Instead, it will continue to check every three hours, and it will download the Installer when there is enough room.

Additionally, when Write Protection is enabled, the log files are named as follows: VidyoRoom.0 – VidyoRoom.9. The limitation on the file size is 110 MB. Therefore, when the log file size reaches this level or upon restarting the VidyoRoom system, a new log file is created.

Lastly, when Write Protection Mode is enabled, a message appears at the top of every page of the Admin UI indicating that Write Protection Mode is enabled.

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