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VidyoDesktop - Intensity pro 4K video card does not capture Camera's video when using Vidyo


If you are using Vidyo Desktop and using an Intensity Pro 4K video card as a capture card to capture video from a supported camera and this is not functioning, then please see the information below. 


We currently support the Intensity Pro 1080p capture which can be mistaken for the 4K edition which is not supported.  When using the 4K Intensity Pro our Vidyo Desktop client is unable to negotiate a proper encoding rate with the Intensity Pro 4K Capture Card . 



11-22 14:22:24.152 INFO  LmiApp        Optimal configuration for Blackmagic WDM Capture: UYVY. Capture 720x486 at 29 FPS. Encode 720x404 at 29 FPS. [ AppLogicJoinThread, ConfigureCamera, LmiAppCapturer.c:792 ]
11-22 14:22:24.321 ERROR LmiVideoCapturer Unable to set format on capture filter Blackmagic WDM Capture [ AppLogicJoinThread, ConfigureCaptureFilter_, LmiVideoCapturerDirectShow.cpp:971 ]
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