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VidyoPortal - Unable to Import .PFX SSL bundle into 3.4.x Vidyo Portal


If you are experiencing an issue where you are unable to import a .PFX file from your Certificate Authority Into 3.4.4 Portal please see the information below.



Attempted to upload the .pfx file into the Advance Tab> Import Security Bundle (.pfx, .p7b) but import fails and do not have the individual certificates.


This occurs due to a new security mechanism where your .pfx file must have a password otherwise the Vidyo Portal will not accept the file. If you experience this issue, please follow the steps below. 

  • If possible, repackage the .pfx file and add a password 
  • If the above is not possible, and this is a wildcard certificate or SAN certificate, then please import the .pfx into a separate Vidyo Sever (Router, Gateway, Replay) and once the server accept the file simply 'Export Security Budnle" and import this file into the Vidyo Portal. 

Upload the file, enable SSL and restart and this should resolve the issue. 

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