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Configuring VidyoRoom Pairing (Preview Feature)


The VidyoRoom Pairing feature is a new feature that is being introduced in phases. The first phase, which is part of the VidyoRoom version 3.3.11 release, is described in this section.

The VidyoRoom pairing feature enables you to use the cameras from two or more VidyoRoom or VidyoPanorama 600 systems in your conference. This feature is especially useful in larger conference rooms where you might want to use more than one camera to capture the active speaker.

Vidyo recommends this feature only for use at sites that have a device that can balance and route the transmitted audio (such as a Biamp®).

To configure VidyoRoom Pairing:

  1. Click the Settings tab.


  2. Click the blue triangle next to the words VidyoRoom Pairing to view the VidyoRoom pairing settings if needed.

  3. Select the Make this VidyoRoom part of a paired VidyoRooms group checkbox if you want to pair this VidyoRoom with other VidyoRoom(s).

  4. Enter a name for the group of paired VidyoRooms in the Group Name field.

    You must give the same group name to the other paired VidyoRooms in the group. For example, if you want to pair an HD-230 and a VidyoPanorama 600 that are both located in Conference Room A, you must give both the HD-230 and VidyoPanorama 600 the same group name, such as “Conference Room A.”

  5. Select the Make this VidyoRoom Primary checkbox if you want this to be the Primary VidyoRoom among the paired VidyoRooms.

    If you select a VidyoRoom as the Primary VidyoRoom, only that VidyoRoom will broadcast the incoming audio.

    To ensure clear audio, you should use this feature only if your configuration includes a device that can balance and route transmitted audio (such as a Biamp).

  6. Select the Do not show video streams from paired VidyoRooms checkbox and the Do not show shared content from paired VidyoRooms checkbox if you want only the Primary VidyoRoom to show video or shared content.

    These checkboxes give you more control over what the VidyoRooms display. For example, if the Primary VidyoRoom has a large screen, you may want it to display only shared content, while the other VidyoRooms display video.

  7. Click Apply.
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