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Sharing Content to a Conference With the VidyoRemote 3 App


To share content to a conference while in a call:

  1. Connect a compatible content-sharing device to your laptop and your VidyoRoom system.

    While your content now displays on the video screen of your VidyoRoom system, it is not shared to the participants in your conference. This is called Projection Mode. For more information, see Projecting Content in Your System.

    The Content Share Encode Status icon displays in gray on the upper-right of the screen.

  2. Select from your available content sources in the Content Source settings under the Settings > Devices For more information, see Configuring System Settings.

  3. Tap Sharing_Content_to_a_Conference_1.png.

    This icon is transparent when no share device is connected to your system, opaque when one is connected and not yet shared, and green when the share device is sharing to a conference.

    For more information, see Viewing the In-Call Menu and Configuring System Settings.
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