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Viewing the In-Call Menu With the VidyoRemote 3 App


  1. The name of your VidyoRoom.

  2. The search box where you can filter through all active participants on the call.

    As soon as you begin typing, search results display in the Directory.

  3. The list of participants currently in the call.

  4. The System Settings button.

    For more information, see Configuring System Settings.

  5. Drop-down that displays available profiles from the VidyoRecorder so that the call can be recorded.
    This drop-down is available only if you join your own room or if you are the room moderator.

    Once you are connected to a conference, the In Call Menu displays. For more information, see Joining a Contact’s Room or Calling a Contact Directly.

Icon Description

Click to signal the meeting moderator that you have raised your hand when participating in conferences that are using the Presenter Mode feature.

For more information, refer to the VidyoDesktop Quick User Guide.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_3.png Click to end the conference.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_4.png Click to mute, unmute, and control your microphone volume.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_5.png Click to mute and unmute your speakerphone volume.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_6.png Click to show or hide the video feed from your camera.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_7.png Control your speakerphone volume.

Click to toggle sharing to the conference. Projection Mode is enabled by default when sharing local content.

Note: This icon is transparent when no share device is connected to your system, opaque when one is connected and not yet shared, and green when the share device is sharing to a conference.

Configure your shares in the Content Source settings under the Settings > Devices  tab. For more information, see Configuring System Settings.
Click to maximize the content share.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_9.png Click to toggle your self-view preference.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_10.png Click to change your primary and secondary screens.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_11.png Click to enter the appropriate DTMF call control option.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_12.png Click to select how to view the participants’ video windows during the conference.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_13.png Click to pan, tilt, and zoom your camera.

Click to lock and unlock your meeting room.

Note: This function only displays when you’re the moderator of the room. For more information, see Becoming the Moderator.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_15.png The Vidyo conference is being recorded.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_16.png The recording is paused. Pausing while recording results in a single recording file stored in the .flv format on your VidyoReplay.

The recording is stopped. Stopping while recording results in separate recorded files stored in the .flv format on your VidyoReplay.

Select your desired Recording Profile for recording VidyoRoom or VidyoPanorama 600 conferences. If no Recording Profiles are configured, contact your system administrator.

Note: The record, pause, stop, and select recording profile options are only enabled if your organization has VidyoReplay and when you’re the moderator of the room. For more information, contact your Vidyo sales representative.
Viewing_the_In-Call_Menu_18.png Tap the Participants tab to view conference participants and pin them to specific system screens, view a participant’s Share, and pan, tilt, and zoom their cameras.

Tap the Moderator tab and enter the Moderator PIN and become an additional Moderator of the conference.

Note: The Moderator tab is only available if you own the room or have the existing Moderator PIN in your possession.

Moderators can also mute, unmute, hide video, show video, and remove a selected participant or all participants from the conference. For more information refer to the “Controlling a Meeting Room” section in the VidyoConferencing Administrator Guide.

For more information, see Becoming the Moderator.

Tap the Invite Participant tab to invite participants to join the call if you are the meeting room owner or can moderate the meeting.

Note: The Invite Participant tab is only available if you own the room or have the existing Moderator PIN in your possession.
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