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Joining Vidyo-Enabled Meetings With the VidyoRemote 3 App


To join a Vidyo-enabled meeting:

  • If you want to manually join an upcoming meeting, tap Joining_Vidyo-Enabled_Meetings_1.png on the right of the meeting tile.

  • If a dialog box displays reminding you of an upcoming meeting, tap Join if you want to join the meeting or tap Ignore if you do not want to join the meeting.

    This dialog box displays if your system administrator has synced up a Google Calendar, a Microsoft Exchange calendar, or another supported calendar with your VidyoRoom system. For more information, see Using the VidyoRoom Calendar.


    The dialog box remains on the screen indicating “Starts in XX:XX” or “Active for XX:XX” for one hour after the ending time of your Vidyo-enabled meeting or until acknowledged.
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