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Becoming the Moderator With a Remote Control


Becoming a moderator allows you to use call control functions, such as muting and unmuting the conference participants and recording the conference.

If you want to become the conference moderator, you must first enable a Moderator PIN for the conference room. To do so, you must:

  • Ask your VidyoPortal Administrator to set up the Moderator PIN on a specific conference room via the Admin portal.
  • Set the Moderator PIN via VidyoDesktop or via the VidyoPortal User portal. For more information, refer to the VidyoDesktop Quick User Guide or the VidyoPortal Administrator Guide.

To become the moderator:

  1. Press the MANAGE button on your handheld remote control.


  2. Select Moderate.

  3. Enter the Moderator PIN.


You then become the conference moderator and the conference moderation functions, such as Mute, Unmute, Hide Video, Show Video, and Remove, display on the Participants screen while you are in the call. For more information refer to the “Controlling a Meeting Room” section in the VidyoConferencing Administrator Guide.

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