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Adjusting Your Content Source to Avoid Cropping


Some VidyoRoom systems may crop content you share from your computer screen. Other computers default to a mirrored or duplicated multiple display output setting when connected to a VidyoRoom system as a shared device. This section describes how to adjust your computer as needed.

The following information is not applicable when using an Epiphan device.


Adjusting a Computer that Crops Content

To adjust a computer that crops content:

  • On a PC:

    1. Select Control Panel > Display > Screen Resolution.
    2. Select 720p in the Resolution drop-down.

  • On a Mac:

    1. Select Display > Preferences.
    2. Select the Scaled
    3. Select 720p.

  • On all other platforms:

    1. Select Display > Advanced Settings.
    2. Select the Maintain Display Scaling option.


Adjusting a Computer that Defaults to a Mirrored Display Output Setting

To adjust a computer that defaults to a mirrored or duplicated multiple display output setting:

  • On all platforms:

    1. Select Extend display from the Multiple Display
    2. Select 720p for the resolution of your second display.
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