You must specify the FQDN of the VidyoPortal tenants on which you wish to place calls.

In order to have meeting links launch Vidyo Neo for WebRTC Server, you must also configure the VidyoPortal tenant with the Vidyo Neo for WebRTC Server Session Manager URL.

For more information, see Configuring the VidyoPortal for Vidyo Neo for WebRTC.

For more information, see Adding Media Servers to the Cluster.


To add whitelisted VidyoPortals:

    1. Log in to the Admin UI using your account.

      For more information, see Logging in to the Admin Portal.

    2. Click the CONFIGURATIONS tab.

    3. Click the Whitelisted Portals subtab.


    4. Click Add Portal.

      The Add Portal dialog displays.


    5. Enter the FQDN of the VidyoPortal tenant on which you wish to place calls in the Portal to be whitelisted field.

    6. Click Add.

You can easily add all tenants on a VidyoPortal by using a wildcard. For example, you can enter * to add all tenants of the VidyoPortal with the domain.

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