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Recommended and Supported Capture Cards and Frame Grabbers


Vidyo’s group and personal solutions work with a broad range of industry-standard peripheral devices, so you can choose the capture cards and frame grabbers that work best for your deployment. These devices allow you to share video from external devices.

To ensure that you are using the most recent drivers, please check with Vidyo Support for the latest image available.

In the following table:

  • VidyoRoom™ Generation 3 (Gen 3) systems include: HD-2, HD-3, HD-40 (all), HD-100 Rev D, HD-230, VidyoPanorama™ 600, VidyoRoom SE
  • VidyoRoom Generation 2 (Gen 2) systems include: HD-50, HD-100, HD-100 Rev 4A, HD-220.


Manufacturer Model Compatible
Vidyo Products
Epiphan VGA2USB VidyoRoom (Gen 2 and Gen 3) Compact, external, VGA to USB frame grabber capture device capable of capturing output from virtually any VGA source.
Note: The VGA2USB must only be connected to an HD-230 only through a powered USB hub.
Inogeni DVIUSB VidyoRoom (Gen 3) except 
VidyoPanorama 600
Video capture device with audio for USB 3.0.
Inogeni 4K2USB3 HD-230 and HD-3

4K HDMI to USB 3.0. At 4K resolutions, up to 10FPS. Requires software version 3.3 or later.

2.0 version only
VidyoRoom (Gen 2 and Gen 3) Portable DVI/HDMI to USB frame grabber ideally suited for capturing video sources for DVI and HDMI based high resolution displays and high definition cameras.
Epiphan VGA2USB LR VidyoRoom (Gen 2 and Gen 3) Frame grabber capture device that acquires frames with up to 1280×1024 pixel resolution in a 24-bit palette.
Note: The Epiphan VGA2USB LR is supported on any VidyoRoom model running software version 2.2.0 and later.


  • RECOMMENDED: The device has been tested and has provided a better than acceptable experience. For example, a speakerphone with superior echo cancellation is considered better than acceptable.
  • SUPPORTED: The device has been tested and has provided an acceptable experience. For example, a webcam with 15 fps and above is considered acceptable.
  • DEPRECATED: The device was previously listed as “Recommended” or “Supported” but has been scheduled for discontinued support in the future and should not be used for new installations.
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