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VidyoRoom 3.x - No video output from VidyoPanorama 600


If no video is displayed from the VidyoPanorama 600, please see the below steps:

  • Check to ensure that all of the cabling is securely fastened to the Panorama as well as the monitors.
  • Access the recovery console by pressing and holding the shift key when the unit is booting up, meanwhile type any other key until the main menu of the recovery console appears.
  • Select either option 2 to factory restore and keep the settings or option 3 to factory restore to delete settings
  • If that does not resolve the issue, move on to the next step
  • Plug in a VGA monitor to the VidyoPanorama600 (VGA Port located on the front of the server).
  • Reboot the VidyoPanorama600 and see if any video output is displayed on the VGA monitor.
  • Contact Vidyo Support and provide the troubleshooting results
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