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VidyoRoom 3.x - RF Remote is Unresponsive

  • Ensure that the batteries are good inside of the remote (2 x AAA)
  • Ensure that the USB receiver dongle is plugged into a USB Port on the VidyoRoom
  • Try to move the USB receiver dongle different USB ports
  • Each USB receiver dongle is programmed to only work with the remote it came with.
  • Try to re-program the RF Remote with the dongle by completing the following steps

1. Make sure the USB receiver dongle is not plugged into any USB slots

2. On the RF Remote press both the “Okay” and * button at the same time.

3. The red LED at the top of the RF Remote will start blinking

4. Plug the USB receiver dongle into a USB port on the VidyoRoom and observe as the red LED on the RF remote turns off

5. Pairing is now complete

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