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General Frequently Asked Questions


What browsers support WebRTC connections when using a Free account?
We leverage WebRTC and connectivity is supported on the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox on Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.

How can I log into the full VidyoConnect client?
In order to log into the full client you will need to upgrade to a team or enterprise account.

Can I use the full client instead of the browser plugin for conferences?
When connecting to your meeting room, you can select the 'download' option to install the client and connect to the meeting using the full client.

Is there ever a charge for using the Free version?
Enjoy getting to know and love Vidyo without worrying about hidden fees.

What information should be included when requesting support?
Please include as much information in relation to what you are experiencing. Indicate if you are using any desktop security applications or other network restrictions are in place.

What limitations and differences are their between Free, Team and Enterprise accounts
For a complete listing of features and limitations, click here.



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